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    mysql 5.5 command line client software free download


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    Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 32 bit run time MySQL Workbench Microsoft .NET Framework 4 Client Profile MySQL Workbench Click "Next" Screen: Install Progress Click "Execute", "Next" Screen: "Configuration Overview" click "Next" Choose "Developer Machine" Keep the defaults: Port (Default): 3306 Windows Service Name: MySQL55 MySQL Root Password: click "Next" as needed. * Some string manipulating SQL functions use a shared string object intended to contain an immutable empty string. MySQL Installation on Windows . Download MySQL SUSE Repository The MySQL repository for SUSE Linux provides a simple and convenient way to install and update MySQL products with the latest software packages using the Zypper package management tool. Go to "MySQL Community Server 5.5.15" section and click the Download button on the "Windows (x86, 32-bit), ZIP Archive - 5.5.15 - 133.4M" line. Download MySQL Enterprise Edition (commercial) MySQL Enterprise Edition includes the most comprehensive set of advanced features and management tools for MySQL. For All Windows Platforms. Oracle owns MySQL. Note: MySQL Installer is 32 bit, but will install both 32 bit and 64 bit binaries. Documentation Home MySQL 5.5 Reference Manual Preface and Legal Notices General Information Installing and Upgrading MySQL General Installation Guidance Which MySQL Version and Distribution to Install How to Get MySQL Verifying Package Integrity Using MD5 Checksums or GnuPG Verifying the MD5 Checksum Signature Checking Using GnuPG Signature Checking Using Gpg4win for Windows Signature Checking Using RPM Installation Layouts Compiler-Specific Build Characteristics Installing MySQL on Unix/Linux Using Generic Binaries Installing MySQL on Microsoft Windows MySQL Installation Layout on Microsoft Windows Choosing An Installation Package Installing MySQL on Microsoft Windows Using MySQL Installer MySQL Installer GUI MySQL Installer Console MySQL Notifier MySQL Notifier Usage Setting Up Remote Monitoring in MySQL Notifier Installing MySQL on Microsoft Windows Using an MSI Package Using the MySQL Installation Wizard Automating MySQL Installation on Microsoft Windows Using the MSI Package Removing MySQL When Installed from the MSI Package MySQL Server Instance Configuration Wizard Starting the MySQL Server Instance Configuration Wizard Choosing a Maintenance Option Choosing a Configuration Type The Server Type Dialog The Database Usage Dialog The InnoDB Tablespace Dialog The Concurrent Connections Dialog The Networking and Strict Mode Options Dialog The Character Set Dialog The Service Options Dialog The Security Options Dialog The Confirmation Dialog MySQL Server Instance Config Wizard: Creating an Instance from the Command Line Installing MySQL on Microsoft Windows Using a noinstall Zip Archive Extracting the Install Archive Creating an Option File Selecting a MySQL Server Type Starting the Server for the First Time Starting MySQL from the Windows Command Line Customizing the PATH for MySQL Tools Starting MySQL as a Windows Service Testing The MySQL Installation Troubleshooting a Microsoft Windows MySQL Server Installation Windows Postinstallation Procedures Upgrading MySQL on Windows Installing MySQL on OS X General Notes on Installing MySQL on OS X Installing MySQL on OS X Using Native Packages Installing a MySQL Launch Daemon Installing and Using the MySQL Preference Pane Installing MySQL on Linux Installing MySQL on Linux Using RPM Packages Installing MySQL on Linux Using Debian Packages Installing MySQL on Linux Using Native Package Managers Installing MySQL Using Unbreakable Linux Network (ULN) Installing MySQL on Solaris and OpenSolaris Installing MySQL on Solaris Using a Solaris PKG Installing MySQL on OpenSolaris Using IPS Installing MySQL on FreeBSD Installing MySQL from Source MySQL Layout for Source Installation Installing MySQL Using a Standard Source Distribution Installing MySQL Using a Development Source Tree MySQL Source-Configuration Options Dealing with Problems Compiling MySQL MySQL Configuration and Third-Party Tools Postinstallation Setup and Testing Initializing the Data Directory Problems Running mysqlinstalldb Starting the Server Troubleshooting Problems Starting the MySQL Server Testing the Server Securing the Initial MySQL Accounts Starting and Stopping MySQL Automatically Upgrading or Downgrading MySQL Upgrading MySQL Changes Affecting Upgrades to MySQL 5.5 Downgrading MySQL Changes Affecting Downgrades from MySQL 5.5 Downgrading from MySQL Enterprise Edition to MySQL Community Server Checking Whether Tables or Indexes Must Be Rebuilt Rebuilding or Repairing Tables or Indexes Copying MySQL Databases to Another Machine Perl Installation Notes Installing Perl on Unix Installing ActiveState Perl on Windows Problems Using the Perl DBI/DBD Interface Tutorial MySQL Programs MySQL Server Administration Security Backup and Recovery Optimization Language Structure Globalization Data Types Functions and Operators SQL Statement Syntax The InnoDB Storage Engine Alternative Storage Engines High Availability and Scalability Replication MySQL NDB Cluster 7.2 Partitioning Stored Programs and Views INFORMATIONSCHEMA Tables MySQL Performance Schema Connectors and APIs Extending MySQL MySQL Enterprise Edition MySQL Workbench MySQL 5.5 Frequently Asked Questions Errors, Error Codes, and Common Problems Restrictions and Limits Indexes MySQL Glossary Related Documentation MySQL 5.5 Release Notes Download this Manual PDF (US Ltr) - 26.9Mb PDF (A4) - 27.0Mb PDF (RPM) - 25.9Mb EPUB - 6.7Mb HTML Download (TGZ) - 6.5Mb HTML Download (Zip) - 6.5Mb HTML Download (RPM) - 5.5Mb Eclipse Doc Plugin (TGZ) - 7.1Mb Eclipse Doc Plugin (Zip) - 8.8Mb Man Pages (TGZ) - 167.5Kb Man Pages (Zip) - 273.3Kb Info (Gzip) - 2.5Mb Info (Zip) - 2.5Mb Excerpts from this Manual MySQL Backup and Recovery MySQL NDB Cluster 7.2 MySQL Globalization MySQL Information Schema MySQL Installation Guide MySQL and Linux/Unix MySQL and OS X MySQL Partitioning MySQL Performance Schema MySQL Replication MySQL Restrictions and Limitations Security in MySQL MySQL and Solaris Building MySQL from Source Starting and Stopping MySQL MySQL Tutorial MySQL and Windows . mysql> help (Note: shows help info) mysql> use world; (This will connect to 1 of the 2 default DBs normally installed.) mysql> select * from city where name="Atlanta"; mysql> select * from city where countrycode = "USA"; (This will list the 274 USA city records from the table.) mysql>quit (exits to the command line tool). 7. Note from an install error: If you are re-installing after you just uninstalled the MySQL server please note that the data directory was not removed automatically. OEMs, ISVs and VARs can purchase commercial licenses. * When using ExtractValue() or UpdateXML(), if the XML to be read contained an incomplete XML comment, MySQL read beyond the end of the XML string when processing, leading to a crash of the server. * In debug builds, SUBSTRINGINDEX(FORMAT(.), FORMAT(.)) could cause a server crash. 6. If you have both servers installed as services, you can simply use:net So in my case, to start Apache and MySQL I use this batch file:net start Apache2net start MySQLand to stop them, this one:net stop Apache2net stop MySQLThis avoids any nastiness with filenames, command options, or directory paths.If you don't know the names of the services on your machine, check them in the Services MMC snap-in ("services.msc" from the Command Prompt or in Start -> Run.). a62f3694b4

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